Posted by: darrenarquette | February 19, 2009

Story generator

After reading my friend, Chris Walter‘s new blog post where he decuss’ abit more about the gameplay of an idea of this, and briefly mentions coming up with a story/characters which promoted me to, and willingly, be the first to argue that story doesn’t make a game but the gameplay does, however I would also be the first to argue the story makes a game.

Now personally, I recently have been thinking of all three at the same time. This character is like this, why?, this world is like this, why?, this gameplay is like this, why?
Well mostly because the way I come up with my idea’s is through Dreams. lol I know a little weird and batty but trusty me. Later in the day if I still remember these dreams I try to develop the story a little more, and even the character and game mechanics, then I give the game a working title.

Like last night, I had a dream of Zombie like creatures, Surivial Horror right there, and it was going to be sort of over the shoulder and a few other things.
Most of my idea’s such as this have originated from dreams of mine, one story of mine (Phoenix Dream) one character was inspired by one of my dreams, a lion animal that appears in the first… well I kinda wanna remain vague on what happens to this character later on in the series but hopefully you get the idea.

To be continued…



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