Posted by: darrenarquette | February 21, 2009


In the past couple of years I believe Games have been going more mainstream or at the very least becoming more accepted with the public, evidance of this are the Tomb Raider Lucozade Ads.

(Other trailers are; another two Lucozade Ads, a Mastercard Ad and finally Fiat Cars Ad.)

However that shortly died down but maybe it’s on the rise again now with there being more and more video game ads, mostly for the games rather than advertising something else, however with games such as LBP on the market and even systems like the Wii a few people have took notice… which is the purpose of this post. I just found a music video using LBP by a Japanese Band called Beat Crusaders and the song is called ‘Phantom Planet’ it’s a nice little song using the asserts of LBP quite well.



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