Posted by: darrenarquette | April 3, 2009

What’s Up With: Short Games

Two games have really annoyed me today, Wanted: Weapons Of Fate and RE5.

I got both these games for my birthday, with Wanted just yesterday, and I’ve almost completed RE5 and completed Wanted yesterday… WTF…

Sure both games are enjoyable, graphically appealing and have loads of replay value but COME ON! I buy games for entertainment that lasts longer than it does to cook a fucking turkey not a pot noodle. Come ON…

RE5 is stupidly short compared to RE4, which was about a good 20 hours, but with RE4 is felt like the story was all wrapped up by the end. Now with RE5 I’m still clueless as to why everything is happening…

I am really fucking disappointed with developers these days, now I know the cost of make games has gone up for a number of reasons (Number of staff for one) but come on, WTF has happened to originality, innovation and the good fucking games?
Fuck it I’m off to play PURE.



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