Posted by: darrenarquette | July 30, 2009

New Site

Hey Guys,

Just like to say that my e-portfolio has now moved places and you can now find it at;

Posted by: darrenarquette | July 27, 2009

Busy Summer Holidays


I’ve been quite busy over the holidays working for a few sites, Go! Gaming Giant, PS3 Center and PS Life Style, as a Video Game Journalist, so I have been able to update the site at all.

I soon start back at Uni, September 12th, looking forward to that, so that’s probably when I’ll start updating more regularly.

– D.Arquette

Posted by: darrenarquette | April 3, 2009

What’s Up With: Short Games

Two games have really annoyed me today, Wanted: Weapons Of Fate and RE5.

I got both these games for my birthday, with Wanted just yesterday, and I’ve almost completed RE5 and completed Wanted yesterday… WTF…

Sure both games are enjoyable, graphically appealing and have loads of replay value but COME ON! I buy games for entertainment that lasts longer than it does to cook a fucking turkey not a pot noodle. Come ON…

RE5 is stupidly short compared to RE4, which was about a good 20 hours, but with RE4 is felt like the story was all wrapped up by the end. Now with RE5 I’m still clueless as to why everything is happening…

I am really fucking disappointed with developers these days, now I know the cost of make games has gone up for a number of reasons (Number of staff for one) but come on, WTF has happened to originality, innovation and the good fucking games?
Fuck it I’m off to play PURE.

Posted by: darrenarquette | March 26, 2009

Few more updated pages

Actually might be a bit longer, I am unforuntnetly a bit of a perfectionist and now I wanna texture some of the props and early test models. So if anything goes missing feel free to check out my deviantart page;
Hey just quickly updating a few pages, like Animation which now has a showreel of hand drawn animation from my first year at University, just a quick thing uploaded onto youtube.

I’ll also be changing around some of the thumbnail images and image pages, as well as adding more information to them, so if something’s down, check back in 5 minutes and I’ll be back up looking better than ever.

Posted by: darrenarquette | March 16, 2009

Quick Update

Most of the sites content is done for now, although I do have a few assigments that I intend to upload soon such as a Professional Studies paper, a slew of Traditional 2D animation videos (in the new Animation page) and a few more vehicles, for example a plane, which will be up on the 3D Modelling Page… still deciding on that page though, is it best to have fully rendered shots uploaded or screengrabs?

Posted by: darrenarquette | March 7, 2009

Watch out Jaffe’s About

As some of you may know, I’m a massive fan of David Jaffe (Director of God Of War and the Twisted Metal Series) well eariler in the week he had a rant and so inspired by the now infamous Bale Out remix I decided to do a parody of it… using David Jaffe.
And so is the video Jaffe Out.

However I noticed on his blog, later that day, that he posted the video up and said he found it funny and liked it. ;p

Click here to see the blog entry.

Posted by: darrenarquette | February 21, 2009


In the past couple of years I believe Games have been going more mainstream or at the very least becoming more accepted with the public, evidance of this are the Tomb Raider Lucozade Ads.

(Other trailers are; another two Lucozade Ads, a Mastercard Ad and finally Fiat Cars Ad.)

However that shortly died down but maybe it’s on the rise again now with there being more and more video game ads, mostly for the games rather than advertising something else, however with games such as LBP on the market and even systems like the Wii a few people have took notice… which is the purpose of this post. I just found a music video using LBP by a Japanese Band called Beat Crusaders and the song is called ‘Phantom Planet’ it’s a nice little song using the asserts of LBP quite well.

Posted by: darrenarquette | February 19, 2009

Story generator

After reading my friend, Chris Walter‘s new blog post where he decuss’ abit more about the gameplay of an idea of this, and briefly mentions coming up with a story/characters which promoted me to, and willingly, be the first to argue that story doesn’t make a game but the gameplay does, however I would also be the first to argue the story makes a game.

Now personally, I recently have been thinking of all three at the same time. This character is like this, why?, this world is like this, why?, this gameplay is like this, why?
Well mostly because the way I come up with my idea’s is through Dreams. lol I know a little weird and batty but trusty me. Later in the day if I still remember these dreams I try to develop the story a little more, and even the character and game mechanics, then I give the game a working title.

Like last night, I had a dream of Zombie like creatures, Surivial Horror right there, and it was going to be sort of over the shoulder and a few other things.
Most of my idea’s such as this have originated from dreams of mine, one story of mine (Phoenix Dream) one character was inspired by one of my dreams, a lion animal that appears in the first… well I kinda wanna remain vague on what happens to this character later on in the series but hopefully you get the idea.

To be continued…

Posted by: darrenarquette | February 11, 2009

Inspired By

I just want to quickly thank you friend, Chris Walter, for inspiring me to create my own personal blog and e-portfolio. Hopefully I can create some interesting reading for someone out there, or just update my friends with whatever I’m doing either way I’ll be happy.

This is pretty much just a test post at the moment as I turn this dull place into a nice place, with some of my work later on in the week and maybe my own opinions on the Games industry as well after just attending Animex 10.

– D.Arquette