The website was set up and launched July 2009, during the summer between my first and second year at the University of Teesside.
I needed a place to put most of work from over the years, with most of my work skattered all over the web, one solid place was best and so here we are.

Sound – With my skills that I learned from College, this is the web address where you can find a few Podcasts I’ve helped work on.

Writing – I’ve posted up some extracts of my Academic Essays from College and University, aswell as a few Stories I’ve wrote, with a link to my reviews and previews for varies game sites.

3D Modelling – This acts like a hub at the moment, much like this page, leading to my works using Maya and 3Ds Max.

Drawings & Digital Work – Here you’ll find …obviously drawings, of human figures and environment designs, and digital work I’ve done, from simple image creation to image repair.

Game Journalism – Here you can find some of my latest Video Game Reviews and Previews for a variety of sites.

Video – Here are various videos either edited or created by my self with help from a fellow editor or friends helping with a number of things, such as providing voice overs.

Animation – I’ve always had a interest in Animation, espically stopmotion probably because of the Tim Burton classic; The Nightmare Before Christmas, so since starting college, and learning flash and such I’ve always had a keen interest in animation, although I believe my career path is best suited with 3D Model creation and level design, I do this as a sort of side project.

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