Here are various video’s either edited or created by my self with help from a fellow editor or friends helping with a number of things, such as providing voice overs.

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Game Journalism – Avid Gamer, This Is Living, This Is Living; Reviews & Previews
Quaker Television – QTV Special – Darlington FC – MK Dons
Random Projects – Jaffe Out

  • Game Journalism
  • Avid Gamer

    Over my time being a freelance game journalist for a few sites, such as Avid Gamer, I created numberous Video Reviews, using morden industry techniques that I learnt from my years at College. Such as the use of fast shots, with quick editing and graphic idents.



  • This Is Living – Episodes
  • During the summer of 2007 I got really bored and since by then I had dipped my toes into the world of video game journalism I wanted to create my own Video Game related show, although at the time I only had a PS3 so the show was mostly built around the PS3. The obvious choice of host for the finished video would be Youtube but at that time Youtube just launched it’s new policy that all video’s uploaded could be no longer than ten minutes, which really sucked for me because I created a show thirty minutes long a episode, so for Youtube I had to edit the video’s down to just under ten minutes and downscale the quality of the videos.

    However although the show was enjoyed, and watched by over 1000 people (until I lost my other Youtube account), it really wasn’t receiving the support I thought it would, from the viewers or my friends (whom appear in the two episodes).


    Episode 1


    Episode 2

  • This Is Living – Reviews & Previews
  • After finishing each episode, and knowing each episode would eventually get onto Youtube I decided to edit the reviews and previews into serperate videos to allow people to just watch them if they wanted to.



  • QTV
  • Top

  • Random Projects
  • Jaffe Out

    Bit random but at least David Jaffe likes it. ;p



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